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The First Post

I grew up in the mechanical world and live and breathe the mission critical side of it daily. There is an unprecedented expansion of need for these services the products and technologies are evolving at breakneck speed.

I have never been satisfied with the amount of education available for specialists in the mission critical field and we need it now more than ever.

Having worked for one of the largest and best mechanical companies in the US, I was exposed at an early age to the advantages of a peer group. Back in the early and mid-nineties the mechanical company that I worked for, McKenney’s, Inc. was a member of a very good peer group. McKinstry, Cal-Air, Murphy Company and others, were instrumental in helping each other obtain a level of excellence that none of them, in my opinion, would have reached without the membership cheering them on.

Today, AirTight, the company that I own and operate, in the past, benefited from being a member of The Unified Group. This group, although larger than the one mentioned above, is focused mainly on the X’s and O’s of running a mechanical contracting firm, not the intracacies of operating successfully in mission critical environments.

There are many essential lessons and techniques to be learned from such a group, not to mention the life-long relationships that stem from them. However, now is the time to take the learning of that information to a new level, really to a deeperKnowledge.

The purpose of deepKnowledge is to create a new educational-based peer group with a specialized learning environment for contractors: electrical, mechanical, fire suppression, equipment providers, end-users, etc. We are open to anyone in the mission critical, ip-centric world that realizes the knowledge and skill to operate successfully within the critical site must continually be developed.

The mission will be to educate, explain, show and tell real-life examples, while building a force of talent that will be highly sought after for their deepKnowledge of facilities.

This isn’t only a peer group of how, it will mature into of tribe of people who want to know why.


Join us and bring your team along! There are three easy ways to connect:


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More information will be on the way soon.
All the Best,

Greg Crumpton